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Safeguard your property with our Garage Door Installation Services!

The garage is an extremely important part of your home on many functional levels. The garage door serves as an inlet of access to the garage. However its installation is a complex process that requires the use of special equipment and professional expertise. Our garage door installation services accordingly, deliver on quality and reliability. We know the importance of a stable and secure garage door and our skilled experts allow for its meticulous installation. Providing a host of options and choices in materials and design, we use top-quality equipment in our work. If you reside in Winston Salem, NC, make sure to contact us now.

Garage Door Maintenance
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Don't compromise on reliability thanks to our Garage Door Repair Services!

Garage doors suffer from wear and tear accumulated over the years. Thus, a time may come when their functionality gets threatened and repair services may be necessary. In that regard, we recommend hiring professional garage door repair services so that the long-term reliability of the door is not compromised. Our dedicated team of experts are skilled and possess numerous years of experience in garage door services. Only using high-quality tools and equipment, we are able to repair any garage door. The satisfaction of our customers in Winston Salem, NC, holds priority for us. Get in touch with us now.

Garage Door Maintenance Services to maintain your long-term future!

The garage provides a perception of you and your home. A well-maintained garage will also drive the property value while a poorly maintained one will drive it down. Keeping in mind the nature of the garage, it is imperative that you hire professional garage door maintenance services so that your long-term future is not compromised. We believe in facilitating our customers in Winston Salem, NC, as much as possible and that is evidenced in our services. We make use of sophisticated equipment and quality materials in our services so our customers have no complaints. Furthermore, the experience of our staff makes sure quality is guaranteed. Hire us now to see for yourself.

Garage Door Section Replacement Services to provide peace of mind!

Over time, your garage door may start losing its functionality due to long-term damage. If repair services are no longer delivering, then a replacement may be the only way forward. In this regard, we provide top quality garage door section replacement services for our customers in Winston Salem, NC. Since replacing the whole door may not be the wisest choice, our team of professionals inspects the door and determines the best way forward. In the replacement of the garage door section, they make use of state-of-the-art equipment so that reliability and quality are not compromised. To ensure your peace of mind, consider hiring us now.

Get top-quality Garage Door & Parts for Sale at affordable rates!

As proof of our comprehensive and encompassing services, we also offer garage door & parts for sale to our customers in Winston Salem, NC. For us, the customer always comes first no matter what. That is why we aim to provide them with the best of services and options so they can choose to their heart’s content. Our sales services offer top-quality garage door parts for our customers so they can see what fits their door. With a wide variety of parts available at affordable rates, we make sure our company’s principle of quality and cost-effectiveness is delivered. Get in touch with us to acquire for yourself.

We provide reliable Commercial Doors & Dock Equipment for sale to our customers!

Door equipment is usually of the highest quality, regardless of commercial or residential properties. The need for sturdiness and reliability thus necessitates such quality standards. Our commercial doors & dock equipment is similarly, built to last and available to our customers in Winston Salem, NC. We are renowned for delivering on quality and providing reliability in our services, which is no different here as well. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of options such as loading dock solutions or overhead doors. No matter what you desire or need, we have you covered. Contact us now to learn more.

Why choose us?

Garage doors are not exactly inexpensive and thus require care in all services. We at McDaniel Access Company provide top-tier garage door services for our customers in Winston Salem, NC. Our diverse services list includes door installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement if the need so arises. Furthermore, we care for the satisfaction of our customers and that is why we prioritize the quality and reliability of our services. We also realize that cost-effectiveness is a priority for our customers and we aim to deliver that via our garage door services too. The addition of these factors makes us the most attractive option around. Hire us now to avail of our top services.


Schedule a consultation today for customized garage door solutions for you. Our skilled experts ensure seamless installations, repairs, and upgrades.


Great installation job. Everything looks good and works well. Glad to get it done finally, despite demand and supply issues...

Randy Jackson Customer

Super company and friendly knowledge staff. We needed some work on the garage door, the remote was not working correctly...

Richard Berner Customer

Levi was excellent to work with during the entire process. Design, options, pricing, scheduling of installation, payment...

Steve Fleming Customer

Very professional company. Gave and accurate quote with competitive prices. The give an accurate installation schedule..

Charlie Nicholson Customer