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Garage Door Installation Services - We connect the torsion tubs and springs with ease.

Glass in the garage door looks extra classy but it gives a detailed view of your home from the inside. And in case you have been a target of robbery then you must use high-end and durable materials like metal. Metal is the robust one among all the premium options for the door therefore we prioritize fitting this in your garage. Our expert installers take precise measurements and make proper alignment and connect so that the rails of the door are in the proper position. We have the hardware to slide the door brackets in place by locking the safety tabs of the bracket. Moreover, we ensure that every aspect of the installation is executed flawlessly. Time to connect with the expert installers in Burlington, NC.

Garage Door Maintenance
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Obscured signals? Get our Garage Door Repair Services

At some point in life, we have experienced garage door problems. Whether it be a squeaky voice from the door or the slow opening of the door these issues would result in multiple problems for the homeowners. Sometimes DIY fixes can be helpful but not all the time. Our experts in Burlington, NC offer a range of garage door solutions so that your door will remain closed all day long. We are well-versed in troubleshooting the problem of roller issues, blocked sensors, and transmitter problems. In the case of an automatic door where the signals are blocked, we check the antenna or dirt build-up to turn back the functionality of your door. Give a call to our experts now!

Garage Door Maintenance Services for Regular Safety checks

Being a homeowner, the garage door is one of the things that you consider when you think of preventive measures to protect your property. Depending upon the usage of the door you should get the Garage Door Maintenance Services yearly to keep your door in tip-top condition. But the more frequently you use it, the more often you need servicing. So, the better you take care of it the more beneficial it is for you as it can have a longer life span. Our garage door team in Burlington, NC will come to your home to provide maintenance and repair services. We make sure that every component of the system is inspected, lubricated, and balanced for optimal functioning. Connect with our experts today!

Garage Door Section Replacement Services for the Storage Security

The significant risk involved with garage door installation is the danger of making costly mistakes. The improper alignment of the garage door can host various issues that include malfunctioning parts and other structural damages. These mistakes are rectified with time and eventually lead to replacement so it is better to hire a professional to keep your home safe and secure. Our experts in Burlington, NC have a vast amount of knowledge in this field to provide you with top-notch Garage Door Section Replacement Services. As you replace the door from us you can significantly increase the market value of your home. To get the full storage security for your space contact our experts today!

From openers to spring rollers get our Garage Doors & Parts for Sale

If one part of your garage door fails you won’t have to replace the full-fledge door to restore its performance. But here we have a wide range of spare parts for your door. No matter which door you have installed in your home, you can buy any spare parts from us. With quality spare parts you can prolong the lifespan of your door. So instead of wasting time for affordable options look at the Garage Doors & Parts for Sale. You won’t regret paying for the quality to get better parts installed in your home—time to restore the faulty operation of your door by getting our spare parts.

Commercial Doors & Dock Equipment to get the job done right

No matter whether you want to install the doors to the car wash or the firehouse we have a plethora of options for your commercial property. Here We offer a great range of Commercial Doors & Dock Equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry. From the hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers to bumpers we provide a range of solutions to cater to your diverse needs. Here our contractors in Burlington, NC have an extensive network with the manufacturers so that you get the best price for quality goods. We don’t compromise on quality so that your garage door will last for decades with little upkeep. Optimize your business operations by getting our doors in Burlington, NC.

Why choose us?

McDaniel Access Company is one of the leading service providers to get your garage door installation, replacement, and repair services. Here we know that the garage door is an essential part of the home therefore we provide security solutions that don’t need repair work for a long period. Our experts are well-versed in the mechanical and structural issues with your door to get them repaired and replaced at the earliest. Our installers follow all the safety precautions to offer convenience to the users. By turning to our experts, you can make the most of your time and money. For preventive maintenance or the repair work of your door get in touch with our experts.


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Great installation job. Everything looks good and works well. Glad to get it done finally, despite demand and supply issues...

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Super company and friendly knowledge staff. We needed some work on the garage door, the remote was not working correctly...

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Levi was excellent to work with during the entire process. Design, options, pricing, scheduling of installation, payment...

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Very professional company. Gave and accurate quote with competitive prices. The give an accurate installation schedule..

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